Tester Workshop - Patterned Essential Oil Diffuser, Aroma-stone. Includes 2ml essential oil blend!

East Dulwich - 27th July 2023, 8 to 8.40 pm - Collect you fired and glazed items in 3/4 weeks.

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Join us for this exciting tester workshop giving you a glimpse into ceramic hand-building and surface decoration!

No previous experience is needed.

Bisque-fired ceramic is a porous yet very durable material that absorbs and slowly releases essential oils' fragrance making it a perfect natural diffuser.

In this session, you will:

  • - Learn to roll a slab of clay and/or model a small 3D shape. 
  • Create a unique surface decoration imprinting items from a wide range of intricated wood blocks, textiles and letters.
  • Craft up to 6 essential oils diffusers to hang or display in your home. They also make nice personalised gifts!
  • - Select your favourite essential oil. A 2ml mini bottle will be included at collection time!

All materials and tools will be provided and firing is included.

This is a single-session workshop and your creations will need to dry and be fired to be ready for collection after 3 to 4 weeks.

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Date and Time:

27th July 2023

8 to 8.40 pm 


Dog Kennel Hill Adventure Playground

Dog Kennel Hill, East Dulwich, London SE22 8AA


Maria 07906137149

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